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368 p. · 21x27.6 cm · Paperback
Designed and written specifically for career college students this book is built around 10 Essential Cornerstones identified and reviewed by the foremost in career college instructors, administrators and students. The book includes features to engage the career college student in topics of interested that will impact them both personally and professionally. It begins by teaching students to discover their potential, embrace change, and thrive through goal setting. The book builds academic success with: learning styles, personality types, becoming an active learner, listenting and note taking, empowering memory, test taking, critical thinking and problem solving. It concludes by addressing all the topics a student needs to prepare for the global economy and move into the workplace. As with all books in the well-known Cornerstone franchise, you will find concrete applications, a conversational tone, and a motivational tone.

Chapter 1 THRIVE3

Discovering Your Potential, Nurturing Change, and Thriving Through Goal Setting

Chapter 2 ENGAGE31

Cultivating Your Personal Motivation and Academic Passion

Chapter 3 COMMUNICATE 59

Enhancing Your Interpersonal Communication Skills, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, and Celebrating Cultures

Chapter 4 PRIORITIZE 87

Planning Your Time and Reducing Stress

Chapter 5 PROSPER107

Protecting Your Future Through Managing Your Money and Debts Wisely

Chapter 6 READ 129

Building Your Reading and Comprehension Skills

Chapter 7 LEARN157

Using Your Dominant Intelligence, Learning Style, and Personality Type to Become an Active Learner

Chapter 8...