Correctional counseling (1st ed )


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Chapter 1: The Role of the Correctional Counselor

Chapter 2: Legal, Ethical, and Cross-Cultural Issues

Chapter 3: Assessment, Classification, & Treatment Planning

Chapter 4: Rapport-Building, Person-Centered Techniques, & Goal-Setting

Chapter 5: Common Theoretical Counseling Perspectives

Chapter 6: Family Systems Therapy and Counseling

Chapter 7: Group Therapy

Chapter 8: Substance Abuse Counseling & Co-occurring disorders

Chapter 9: Youth Counseling and Juvenile Offenders

Chapter 10: Anger Management and Domestic Abuse Counseling/Facilitating

Chapter 11: Female Offenders and Correctional Counseling

Chapter 12: Sex Offenders

Chapter 13: HIV/AIDS, Dying/Grief & Mourning, Older Offenders, & Suicide Issues

Chapter 14: Evaluation, Effectiveness, Relapse, & Offender Recidivism