Corrections in america (12nd ed )


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The 12th edition of Corrections in America has been the premier text for introductory corrections in the last third of a century. It is the longest continuously published work on corrections in the nation. Its clarity and well-designed learning features continue to make it a favorite of instructors and students alike. The accompanying CD-Rom includes videos providing an overview of each chapter, as well as introducing students to leading criminologists on topics that provide depth and enrichment. Some of this edition's exciting new features are:

  • Informative streaming videos for use in classroom by instructors, and equally suited for on-ground and online courses
  • Dozens of updated historical and contemporary photographs
  • Tables, Figures, Charts, Correctional Briefs, and Sidebars revised and updated data generally projected to 2012 to enhance adoption potential
  • Reformatted text into a convenient 19 Chapter textbook, with repetitive items removed
  • Flash cards for online instruction and student review of materials
  • State of the art PowerPoint Presentations that set the standards for the field. Available in both hardcopy and electronic version.

Part 1: Historical Perspectives

Chapter 1: Early History (2000 B.C. to 1800 A.D.)

Chapter 2: Prisons (1800 to the Present)

Chapter 3: Correctional Ideologies: The Pendulum Swings

Chapter 4: The Sentencing and Appeals Process

Part 2: Alternatives to Imprisonment

Chapter 5: Probation

Chapter 6: Diversion and Intermediate Sanctions

Part 3: Institutional Corrections

Chapter 7: Custody Functions

Chapter 8: Management and Treatment Functions

Chapter 9: Jails and Detention Facilities

Chapter 10: State and Local Prison Systems

Chapter 11: The Federal System

Chapter12: Priviate Sector Systems

Chapter 13: Parole and Reentry

Chapter 14: The Death Penalty

Part 4: Correctional Clients

Chapter 15: Inmate and Ex-Offender Rights

Chapter 16: Male Offenders

Chapter 17: Female Offenders

Chapter 18: Juvenile Offenders

Chapter 19: Special Category Offenders