Cost control in the hospitality industry


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This book is ideal for professionals in the hospitality fields who may be looking for answers to cost containment beyond traditional discussions of cost control. KEY TOPICS:The book offers a realistic view of the activities of cost containment factors, which may have been overlooked by other authors. The authors have re-assessed the methods of cost control to address and compensate for the significant waste and theft in the areas of purchasing, receiving, storage, production, and service. MARKET:For restaurant/hotel managers, food and beverage managers, casino personnel who want to keep up with current thinking.
1. Managing in the Hospitality Industry. 2. The Control Function. 3. Setting Standards. 4. The Menu as a Cost Control Tool. 5. Pricing. 6. The Purchasing Function. 7. Receiving. 8. Storing and Issuing. 9. Preparation and Production. 10. Service. 11. Sales and Cash Control. 12. Sales Analysis. 13. Labor Planning and Factors Affecting Labor Cost. 14. Staffing and Scheduling. 15. Controllable and Non-Controllable Expenses. 16. Forecasting and Budgeting. 17. Capital Budgeting. 18. Casinos: The Wild Card in Hospitality Cost Control.