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B> Dinkmeyer and Sperry have again created a highly usable text for theories and techniques classes. It gives students a concrete approach that is not limited to Adlerian psychology. KEY TOPICS: The Third Edition features new chapters on brief, health and psychoeducational counseling and expands coverage of marriage and family counseling into two complete chapters, including many CACREP-related competencies.
Part 1: THEORY.. 1. Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy: An Overview. 2. Adlerian and Other Psychotherapy Systems: Integrative Themes. 3. Personality Development. 4. Psychopathology. Part 2: SKILLS AND STRATEGIES.. 5. Analysis and Assessment. 6. Psychotherapeutic Interventions. 7. Psychoeducation and Psychoeducational Interventions. Part 3: APPLICATIONS.. 8. Children and Adolescents. 9. Elderly Counseling and Psychotherapy. 10. Health Counseling. 11. Group Counseling and Therapy. 12. Brief Therapy and Managed Care. 13. Family Therapy. 14. Marital and Couples Therapy. Appendix A: Guide for Initial Interviews and Assessments. Appendix B: Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy Competencies. Appendix C: The Lifestyle Scale.