Courts in our criminal justice system, the


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1. A Society Designs Laws.

2. A Crime is Committed.

3. After Arrest: Law, the Court, and Post-Arrest Procedures.

4. The Courts Get Involved (The History of Courts and the Arrangement of Modern Courts).

5. A Prosecutor Considers the Charges.

6. A Defense Lawyer is Selected: The Defense Role.

7. A Judge is Assigned to Hear the Case.

8. Jurors and Other Key Participants in the Courtroom Play Their Roles.

9. Some Cases Don't Make It to Court.

10. 'You Ring, We Spring': The Role of Bail in the Court System.

11. Plea Bargaining.

12. Your Day in Court: The Trial Begins.

13. The Punishment Dilemma.

14. $30 or 30 Days: Setting the Penalty.

15. Appeals.

16. Juvenile Courts.