Crime scene investigation and reconstruction (3rd ed )


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Taking a systematic approach, Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction, 3e outlines techniques that will help investigators answer the critical what, who, when questions of crime scene investigations. With a focus on crime scene processing, the book includes the latest on database technologies, digital cameras, DNA analyses and computer-aided crime scene reconstructions. Each chapter includes introductions and summaries that demystify the technical aspects of the field. This edition includes a separate chapter on crime scene reconstruction, the latest on search and seizure laws and updated photographs that show efficient and effective crime scene investigation methods.

1. Introduction to Physical Evidence

2. Crime Scene Search Principles

3. Crime Scene Photography

4. Crime Scene Sketches

5. Latent Fingerprint Evidence

6. Trace Evidence: Hair, Fiber, Glass, Paint, Soil, Arson Accelerant

7. Biological Fluid Stain Evidence: Blood, Semen, Saliva

8. Firearms Evidence

9. Impression Evidence

10. Drug and Alcohol Evidence

11 Document Evidence

12. Vehicle Investigations

13. Sexual Assault Investigations

14. Homicide Investigations

15. Crime Scene Reconstruction

Appendix I. Crime Scene Report Writing

Appendix II. Courtroom Testimony

Appendix III. Crime Scene and Forensic Texts

Appendix IV. Physical Evidence Chart

Appendix V. Computer Evidence

Appendix VI. Entomological Evidence