Criminal investigation (6th ed )


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Part I: Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation

1: Foundations Of Criminal Investigation

2: The Crime Scene: Field Notes, Documenting And Reporting

3: Processing The Crime Scene

Part II: Post-sceneFollow-up Investigative Processes

4: Identification Of Criminal Suspects: Field And Laboratory Processes

5: Legal Issues In Criminal Investigation

Part III: Obtaining Information

6: Interviews And Interrogations

7: Criminal Intelligence And Surveillance Operations

8: Management Of Informants And Undercover Operations

Part IV: Crimes Against Persons

9: Death Investigations

10: Robbery

11: Assault And Related Offenses

12: Missing And Abducted Persons

13: Crimes Against Children: Child Abuse And Child Fatalities

Part V: Crimes Against Property

14: Theft Related Offenses

15: Arson, Bombings And Terrorism

Part VI: Vice and Profit-Related Crime

16: Gangs, Organized Crime And Drugs

17: White-Collar And Computer Crime

Part VII: Prosecution

18: Preparation For Court