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This introductory book explores the fundamentals that are generic to all types of investigations criminal and otherwise. Using real cases to illustrate how investigators actually work in a variety of situations, it provides readers with a solid background for the more specialized training they will encounter on the job. KEY TOPICS:Draws upon the author's extensive training and work with the FBI, U.S. Department of State, and as an attorney and corporate security director. Acknowledges that both public and private sector investigators have occasion to conduct investigations unrelated to crime a topic largely ignored in other books. Emphasizes the investigator's objectivity in the conduct of all investigations. Devotes an entire chapter to the characteristics of a good investigator. Uses actual cases to illustrate how investigators work showing how painstaking investigations can be, how investigators' personal traits affect their work, how in some cases luck contributes to solutions, and how some cases are never solved. MARKET:This book will appeal to those preparing to be or currently are federal investigators, law enforcement officials, corporate security officials, attorneys.
Part 1: INTRODUCTION.. 1. Historical Background. 2. What Is an Investigation? 3. Who Conducts Investigations? 4. Characteristics of a Good Investigator. 5. How Investigations Are Initiated. Part 2: ELEMENTS OF AN INVESTIGATION.. 6. The Preliminary Investigation. 7. Jurisdictional Issues. 8. Crime Scenes. 9. Sources of Information and Confidential Informants. 10. Locating and Interviewing Witnesses. 11. Surveillance and Intelligence. 12. Collecting and Preserving Evidence. 13. The Laboratory. 14. Interrogating the Subject. Part 3: PRINCIPAL TYPES OF INVESTIGATIONS.. 15. Crimes of Violence. 16. Other Crimes. 17. Conspiracy and Organized Crime. 18. Other Types of Investigations. Part 4: ADMINISTRATION AND CASE COMPLETION.. 19. Case Management. 20. Report Writing. 21. The Trial Process. Glossary. Suggested Bibliography. Index.