Criminal justice today (11st ed )


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Part 1Crime in America

Chapter 1 What Is Criminal Justice?

Chapter 2 The Crime Picture

Chapter 3 The Search for Causes

Chapter 4 Criminal Law

Part 2Policing

Chapter 5 Policing: History and Structure

Chapter 6 Policing: Purpose and Organization

Chapter 7 Policing: Legal Aspects

Chapter 8 Policing: Issues and Challenges

Part 3Adjudication

Chapter 9 The Courts: Structure and Participants

Chapter 10 Pretrial Activities and the Criminal Trial

Chapter 11 Sentencing

Part 4Corrections

Chapter 12 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections

Chapter 13 Prisons and Jails

Chapter 14 Prison Life

Part 5Special Issues

Chapter 15 Juvenile Justice

Chapter 16 Drugs and Crime

Chapter 17 Terrorism and Multinational Criminal Justice

Chapter 18 The Future of Criminal Justice