Cryo-EM Part A: Sample Preparation and Data Collection
Methods in Enzymology Series, Vol. 481


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Subject for Cryo-EM Part A: Sample Preparation and Data Collection

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This volume is dedicated to a description of the instruments, samples, protocols, and analyses that belong to cryo-EM. It emphasizes the relatedness of the ideas, instrumentation, and methods underlying all cryo-EM approaches, which allow practitioners to easily move between them. Within each section, the articles are ordered according to the most common symmetry of the sample to which their methods are applied.

* Includes time-tested core methods and new innovations applicable to any researcher * Methods included are useful to both established researchers and newcomers to the field * Relevant background and reference information given for procedures can be used as a guide

Historical perspective

3D reconstruction from electron micrographs: a personal account of its development

David DeRosier

  1. Preparation of 2-D crystals
  2. Henning Stahlberg

  3. Helical Crystallization of Soluble and Membrane Binding Proteins
  4. Elizabeth M. Wilson-Kubalek, Christopher Arthur, Joshua S. Chappie

  5. Plunge Freezing for Electron Cryomicroscopy
  6. Alasdair W. McDowall, Megan J. Dobro, Linda A. Melanson, Grant J. Jensen

  7. A Practical Guide to the Use of Monolayer Purification and Affinity Grids
  8. Thomas Walz, Deborah F. Kelly, Danijela Dukovski

  9. GraFix: Stabilization of fragile macromolecular complexes for single particle cryo-EM
  10. Holger Stark

  11. Cryo-negative staining of macromolecular assemblies
  12. Sacha De Carlo, Holger Stark

  13. Liposomes on a streptavidin crystal: a system to study membrane proteins by cryo-EM
  14. Fred J. Sigworth, Liguo Wang

  15. Micromanipulator-Assisted Vitreous Cryosectioning and Sample Preparation by High-Pressure Freezing
  16. Mark S. Ladinsky

  17. Site-Specific Biomolecule Labeling with Gold Clusters
  18. Christopher J. Ackerson, Richard D. Powell, James F. Hainfeld

  19. How to Operate a Cryo-Electron Microscope
  20. Huilin Li, Jingchuan Sun

  21. Collecting electron crystallographic data of two-dimensional protein crystals
  22. Thomas Walz, Richard K. Hite, Andreas D. Schenk, Zongli Li, Yifan Cheng

  23. Automated Data Collection for Electron Microscopic Tomography
  24. David Agard, Shawn Q. Zheng, J. W. Sedat

  25. Correlated Light and Electron Cryomicroscopy
  26. Grant J. Jensen, Ariane Briegel, Songye Chen, Abraham J. Kosterc, Jürgen M. Plitzkod, Cindi L. Schwartz

  27. Phase Plates for Transmission Electron Microscopy
  28. Radostin Danev, Kuniaki Nagayama

  29. Radiation damage in electron cryomicroscopy

John L. Rubinstein, Lindsay A. Baker

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