Currents in high-energy astrophysics (Proc,Erice,Sicily,7-18 may 1994)(NATO adv. science institutes series C, 458), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1995
Nato Science Series C: Series, Vol. 458

Coordinators: Shapiro M.M., Silberberg Rein, Wefel John P.

Language: Anglais
Cover of the book Currents in high-energy astrophysics (Proc,Erice,Sicily,7-18 may 1994)(NATO adv. science institutes series C, 458)

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Currents in High-Energy Astrophysics
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Currents in high-energy astrophysics (Proc,Erice,Sicily,7-18 may 1994)(NATO adv. science institutes series C, 458)
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This volume comprises selected lectures presented in the Ninth Course of the International School of Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics held at the Ettore Majorana Centre in Erice, Sicily, May 7--18, 1994. Devoted to problems and prospects in high-energy astrophysics and cosmology, the major areas explored are: gamma-ray, X-ray, and neutrino astronomies, cosmic rays, pulsars and supernova remnants, and cosmology, as well as cosmogony. Among the principal developments in gamma-ray astrophysics are those generated by the COMPTON Gamma Ray Observatory. Cosmic neutrinos at MeV energies, i.e., those from the Sun and from Supernova 1987a, are discussed, as well as neutrino masses in astrophysics. The source composition of cosmic rays, and extensive air shower experiments, receive special attention. The early universe according to COBE data, and as viewed by theorists of cosmology, is reviewed. Finally, the connections with particle physics occasioned a timely description of the Standard Model of elementary particles. The cosmic-ray community, the International School of Cosmic-Ray Astrophysics, and indeed the world of science have recently suffered grievous losses in the demise of Pierre Auger, Giuseppe Occhialini, and Bruno Rossi. Accordingly, a memorial session was included in the program. In the same session a farewell tribute was paid by M.M. Shapiro and A.E. Smith to the late Kyoung Hye Moon, an enthusiastic student of our School, who missed this Course when a rampant illness cut short her promising career.
Preface, M.M. Shapiro, R. Silberberg, J.P. Wefel. I: Cosmic Gamma Rays, X-Rays, and Neutrinos. The Sky as Viewed from the COMPTON Gamma-Ray Observatory, G. Kanbach. Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts, M. Baring. Gamma-Ray Production in the Winds of Wolf-Rayet Stars, P.J. Meintjes, G. Kanbach. Origin of High-Energy X-Ray Emission from NGC 253, O. Goldshmidt. Spectral and Temporal Variability in Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries, N.D. Kylafis. Solar and Supernova Neutrinos, T. Stanev. Neutrino Masses in Astrophysics, R. Ghandi. II: Cosmic Rays. Source Composition of Cosmic Rays and Models of Origin, R. Silberberg, C.H. Tsao, M.M. Shapiro. Some Highlights of the 1993 International Cosmic Ray Conference, R. Silberberg, C.H. Tsao. Recent Results from the Fly's Eye Experiment, D.J. Bird, et al. The High Resolution (Hi-Res) Fly's Eye Detector, D.J. Bird. The Hegra Experiment at La Palma, V. Fonseca. The Extensive Air-Shower Experiment in Tibet, M. Nishizawa. Production and Acceleration of Ultra-High-Energy Particles by Black Holes and Strings, C. Sivaram. Cosmic-Ray Nonlinear Effects in Space Plasma: 1. General Characteristics and Dynamic Galactic Halo. 2. Dynamic Heliosphere, L.I. Dorman. III: Pulsars and Supernova Remnants. Pulsars: Recent Results on their Physics and their Dynamics, F.G. Smith. Synchrotron and Inverse COMPTON Processes in Supernova Remnants, O.C. de Jager. IV: Cosmology. The Big Bang and the Infrared Sky as Seen by COBE, J.C. Mather. Inflation, the Top, and All That, Y. Ne'eman. Formation of Galaxies in a Dark-Matter Dominated Universe: a New Approach, P.G. Macedo, J.P.M. de Carvalho. New Ways in Cosmology: 1. Friedmann-Lemaitre Model Derived from the Lyman-Alpha Forest in Quasar Spectra. 2. Alternative Models for the Very Early Universe, H.J. Blome, W. Priester, J. Hoell. Subject Index. Author Index.