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192 p. · 22.2x14.6 cm · Paperback
1. Recover “Lemons To Lemonade.” 2. Empowerment “Power To Your People.” 3. Bias “It's Not Just A Sewing Term.” 4. Customer Retention “Keep 'em Coming.” 5. Follow Up “It's Not Over 'til Its Over.” 6. Serve Your Customers “Little Things Mean A Lot.” 7. Timeliness “Don't Waste My Time.” 8. The Pleasure Principle “Just Put On A Happy Face.” 9. Teamwork “Go Team Go.” 10. Assessing Customer Needs “All You Have To Do Is Ask.” 11. Empathy “Do You Feel What I Feel?” 12. Advocacy “Whose Side Are You On?” 13. Add Value “Earn Your Money.”