Dazzle 'Em With Style (2nd Ed.)
The Art of Oral Scientific Presentation


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Mastering the art of communicating scientific information is more critical than ever for a successful career in science and technology. Scientists today must be able to effectively convey sophisticated information to a broad audience that may include students, colleagues around the world, regulatory bodies, granting agencies, legislators, and the lay public. In this engaging and lively book, the author provides a step-by-step guide to the complete process of making a scientific presentation from preparation to delivery. It offers numerous examples highlighting what to follow and what to avoid. This revised edition covers the effective use of PowerPoint™ and other computer-based presentation programs. It also includes a handy checklist, new illustrations, and tips on handling an audience in a foreign country.
Preparing a Scientific Presentation
The Structure of a Scientific Presentation
Visual Displays: How to (and Not to) Use Them
Appendix: Checklists
Recommended Reading
Scientists, engineers, instructors, practitioners, and students, regardless of specialty or research discipline, who deliver presentations