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Written to reflect the changing role of the dental hygiene practitioner in the dental care delivery system, this brand new edition of Dental Public Health and Research 3/e provides students with the key tools needed to effectively position and practice dental hygiene in the public health setting. This book expands the knowledge base necessary for dental hygiene practitioners in the 21st century. Some new and exciting features of this updated edition include:

  • The chapter on dental care funding is expanded to focus on the current issues in dental care financing and the government's role in this area.
  • A chapter on the importance of collaboration in dental care, building coalitions to help advocate for the oral health of all people and an introductory discussion on grant writing are included.
  • The chapter on cultural diversity follows the chapter on target populations.
  • The research unit is greatly expanded to provide detailed information on the study of dental hygiene research. Areas of expansion include evidenced-based research, ethics in research, roles of government and private entities in dental research, oral epidemiology, and the measurement of oral diseases and conditions.
  • Did you Know? boxes serve as a mental break for readers by providing interesting 'gee whiz' information.

    This book is a perfect resource for dental hygiene practitioners.


    UNIT I: Introduction to Dental Public Health

    Chapter 1: Dental Public Health

    · Public Health Defined

    · Historical Perspective of Public Health

    · Dental Public Health Defined

    · Factors affecting Dental Public Health

    Chapter 2: The Prevention Movement

    · Historical Development

    · Evolution of Organized Dental Hygiene

    · Dental Health Preventive Modalities

    · Dental Sealants

    Chapter 3: Dental Care Delivery in the United States

    · Delivery of Dental Care in the United States

    · Federal and State Structure of Dental Public Health

    · State Structure of Dental Public Health

    · Dental Health Care Workforce

    Chapter 4: Dental Hygiene Care Delivery in the Global Community (Claudia Luciak-Donsberger, RDH, PhD)

    · Access to Information on Global Health Needs

    · Potential Roles for Dental Hygienists in Evidence-Based Data Collection

    · The International Dental Hygiene Movement

    · Current Status of Dental Hygiene Education

    · Professional Regulation

    · Movement Toward Autonomy

    · Challenges to the Profession

    · Successful Public Health Initiatives Involving Dental Hygienists

    · Future of Dental Hygiene Worldwide

    · Key International Organizations

    Chapter 5: Financing of Dental Care

    · Payment Methods

    · Insurance Plans

    · Dental Provider Billing

    · Government Roles in Funding Dental Care

    Chapter 6: Federal and State Legislation Affecting Dental Hygiene Practice

    · Historical Perspective of Practice Issues

    · State Government Overview

    · State Laws and Their Passage

    · State Dental Boards

    · Supervision of Dental Hygienists

    Chapter 7: Advocacy for Dental Care

    · Understanding Change and Its Agents

    · Making Governmental Policy

    · Working in Collaboration and Through Partnerships

    · Building Coalition

    · Writing Grant

    UNIT II: Dental Hygiene Public Health Programs

    Chapter 8: Dental Health Education and Promotion

    · Principles of Health

    · Health Education and Motivation Theories

    Chapter 9: Lesson Plan Development

    · Dental Hygiene...