Descriptive geometry (9th ed'96)


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476 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
The most widely-used descriptive geometry text - featuring a simplified organization that introduces principles in relatively short units in order of need and of difficulty. A wide variety of engineering applications, step-by-step solution illustrations, and abstract, laboratory, practical, and computer problems/projects (with solutions) highlight each chapter.
1. Orthographic Projection.
2. Primary Auxiliary Views.
3. Lines.
4. Planes.
5. Successive Auxiliary Views.
6. Piercing Points.
7. Intersection of Planes.
8. Angle Between Planes.
9. Parallelism.
10. Perpendicularity.
11. Angle Between Line and Oblique Plane.
12. Mining and Civil Engineering Problems.
13. Revolution.
14. Vectors.
15. Plane Tangencies.
16. Intersections of Planes with Solids.
17. Developments.
18. Intersections of Surfaces.
19. Shades and Shadows.
20. Perspective Projection.
21. Conics.
22. Map Projection.
23. Spherical Triangles.
24. Review.
25. Computer Graphics Projects.
Appendix A: Graphical Accuracy.
Appendix B: Geometric Constructions.
Appendix C: Classification of Geometric Forms.
Appendix D: Solutions of Self-Testing Problems.
  • Presents thefundamentals of descriptive geometry in a series of small, pedagogically sound units to complement typical daily in-class sessions, uses a simplified organization that divides content into relatively short, homogeneous chapters and that follows the organization of the authors Descriptive Geometry Worksheets, Series A and B, in which new principles are introduced in order of need as well as of difficulty.
  • Provides step-by-step solution illustrations to make the construction easy to follow, and provides solutions in pictorial form whenever possible.
  • Focuses on applications that illuminate fundamentals and introduce new engineering experiences.
  • Gives all quantitative information in metric units.
  • Contains an entire chapter of con