Developing proofreading and editing skills (4th ed )


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320 p. · 21.3x27.2 cm · Soft-cover
Developing Proofreading and Editing Skills 4e by Camp provides instruction and applications designed to sharpen skills in detecting and correcting errors in written communications including memos, letters, reports, email messages, databases, presentation slides, advertisements, and spreadsheets. The material progresses from easy-to-recognize errors to those more difficult to spot, allowing students to build confidence and skill. Highlights of the 4th edition include a discussion of voice-recognition technology and proofreading and editing, two applications in each chapter available on CD-ROM, and a series of seven review modules offering challenging proofreading practice.

Chapter 1 Keyboarding Errors
Chapter 2 Spelling and Confusing Words
Chapter 3 Capitalization
Chapter 4 Plurals, Possessives and Word Division
Chapter 5 Comma Usage
Chapter 6 Other Punctuation
Chapter 7 Grammar
Chapter 8 Sentence Structure
Chapter 9 Number Style
Chapter 10 Formatting Letters Memos and E-Mail
Chapter 11 Formatting Reports and Other Multiple Page Documents
Chapter 12 Proofreading Statistical and Technical Documents
Chapter 13 Correcting Inconsistencies
Chapter 14 Editing for Clarity, Conciseness and Completeness
Chapter 15 Editing for Language Use
Chapter 16 Proofreading, Editing and Voice Recognition Technology
Review Modules