Developments in the analysis of lipids


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206 p. · 23.4x15.6 cm · Hardback
Extractive and chromatographic methods. Supercritical fluid extraction and chromatography of lipid materials. Analysis of triacylglycerols by argentation supercritical fluid chromatography. High-performance liquid chromatography of chiral lipids. LC-GC for the determination of adulterated edible oils and fats. Physical, chemical and chromatographic methods for the analysis of symmetrical triacylglycerols. Analytical application to an understanding of cocoa butter performance. Developments in the analysis of phenolic lipids. Spectroscopic and physical methods. 13C NMR of lipids. Application of modern mass spectrometric techniques to the analysis of lipids. Analysis of lipid structure by neutron diffraction. Purity criteria in edible oils and fats.
This book gives an overview of current developments in the field, yet each chapter also works independently providing essential detail on principles and applications. Extensive bibliographies can lead the reader on to practical and theoretical aspects of these methodologies if required, while extensive tabular and diagrammatic material illuminate the text.