Digital image transmission and filtering


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500 p. · 24x15.6 cm · Paperback
This book focusses on the image transmission system using an interactive environment for learning. It develops a basic understanding of the source coding of images, capitalizing on the availability of MATLAB, associated MATLAB toolboxes, and other new computer capabilities available to today s students.

1. Introduction to Image Transmission and Filtering (Image In/Image Out).
2. The Image as a Discrete Data Set.
3. Transform Domain Operations.
4. Wavelets for Image Transmission.
5. Quantizating-General Methods.
6. Spatial Domain Operations.
7. Image Coding-Sending and Receiving 1 s and 0 s.
8. General Methods and Concept.
9. The Role of Edge Detection in Image Transmission.
10. Putting Knowledge Together.

  • Explores image transmission through the interactive approach of 'learning while doing'. Provides a hands-on environment for learning, helping students to understand and retain the material.
  • Covers fundamental mathematics integral to mapping an image (transform techniques and wavelets), quantizing an image (by scalar and vector methods) and coding an image into ones and zeros ready for channel coding and subsequent transmission.
  • Unique descriptions of image mapping (including wavelets), quantization and coding.
  • Develops the fundamental building blocks of mapping, quantization, and coding for lossy and lossless techniques. Helps train students in the introductory aspects of image transmission.
  • Interactive problems-Follow each major concept. A menu driven appr