Doing What Works in Brief Therapy (2nd Ed.)


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This book is both a set of procedures for the therapist and a philosophy– one that is shared with clients and one that guides the work of the therapist. This second edition continues its excellence in offering clinicians a guide to doing what works in brief therapy- for whom, and when and how to use it. Psychotherapy that follows these guidelines validates the client’s most important concerns – and it often turns out to be surprisingly brief. Author, Ellen Quick integrates strategic and solution focused therapy and includes guidelines for tailoring technique and interventions to client characteristics and preferences. With clinically rich examples throughout, this book offers applications for couples, including indications for individual or conjoint sessions.

* Chapter summaries highlighting key points
* Presents ways of eliciting what clients most want to remember
* Describes the "Doing What Works Group," including outcome research findings and all materials needed to run the group
* Addresses the relationship among the positive psychology movement and this approach and the potential for collaboration
* Emphasizes an acceptance-based stance and how acceptance commonly leads to change
* Proposes that "doing what works and changing what doesn't" can provide a transtheoretical perspective for therapists of any orientation
Introduction: Origins, Additional Perspectives, and the Model;
Clarifying the Problem: "What's the Trouble?";
Amplifying the Solution: Variations on the Miracle Question;
Evaluating Attempted Solutions: If It Doesn't Work, Do Something Different; Designing the Intervention: Validation, Compliment, Suggestion;
You Can Take it With You: "What Do You Want to Remember?";
Therapist Decisions: Clarifying, Amplifying or Interrupting;
Coping with Difficult Situations;
Brief Therapy: Problems and Solutions in Managed Care;
Medication and the Model;
Problems and Solutions with Couples;
"Doing What Works" Group Therapy;
Doing What Works and Changing What Doesn't As a Transtheoretical Perspective; Case Examples and Excerpts from Single-Session, Brief, and Intermittent Therapy