Different Brain, Different Behavior


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This volume addresses the question of how different brain activity measures may help to understand the complexity of language specific and domain general functions underlying reading, how atypical brain structures may be responsible for failures in the reading performance, and how the brain activity pattern of dyslexics may change from childhood to adulthood. It is a valuable resource for those working in the fields of psycholinguistics, speech pathology, neuropsychology, cognitive development, educational psychology, developmental psychology, child development and language acquisition.

1. Phonology, Learning to Read and Dyslexia: A Cross-Linguistic Analysis.- 2. Visual Processing as Revealed by ERPs: Dyslexic and Normal Readers.- 3. Auditory Event-Related Potentials in Studying Developmental Dyslexia.- 4. Brain Functions and Speech Perception in Infants at Risk for Dyslexia.- 5. Comparing Normal and Impaired Reading Using Magnetoencephalography.- 6. Structural and Functional Brain Correlates of Dyslexia: MRI and Dichotic Listening.- Author Index.