Early childhood development, prebirth through age eight (2nd ed )


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1. Introduction and Theories of Early Childhood Development. 2. Assessments of Children. I. BEFORE BIRTH, BIRTH, AND THE EXPANDED FAMILY. 3. Before Birth. 4. Birth and the Expanded Family. II. THE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE. 5. Physical Development of Infants. 6. Psychosocial Development of Infants. 7. Cognitive Development of Infants. III. ONE- TO THREE-YEAR OLDS: ENERGY AND DETERMINATION MOBILIZED. 8. One- to Three-Year Olds: Physical Development. 9. One- to Three-Year Olds: Psychosocial Development. 10. One- to Three-Year Olds: Cognitive Development. IV. EARLY SCHOOL YEARS (AGES FOUR THROUGH EIGHT): EXPLORING THE WORLD. 11. Early School Years (Ages Four Through Eight): Physical Development. 12. Early School Years (Ages Four Through Eight): Psychosocial Development. 13. Early School Years (Ages Four Through Eight): Cognitive Development. EPILOGUE: MIDDLE CHILDHOOD. Glossary of Key Terms. References. Name Index. Subject Index.