Earth resources : laboratory investigations (paper)


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224 p. · 28x23 cm · Paperback
A laboratory manual for courses in Earth resources or mineral resources and the environment that correspond, in part or in whole, to chapters in Craig/Vaughan/Skinner's "Resources of the Earth" (2nd ed) or Kesler's "Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment".


1. Minerals.

2. Rocks.

3. Energy and Fossil Fuel Resources.

4. Energy Resources: Reserves, Production and Consumption.

5. Petroleum Exploration.

6. Nuclear Energy.

7. Iron and Ferroalloy Metals.

8. Light and Base Metals.

9. Precious Metals and Gem Minerals.

10. Chemical and Fertilizer Minerals.

11. Industrial Minerals.

12. Construction Materials.

13. Exploration Geochemistry.

14. Mine Planning and Development.

15. Soil Resources.

16. Water Resources.