Ecology of Saprotrophic Basidiomycetes
British Mycological Society Symposia Series Series, Vol. 28

Coordinators: Boddy Lynne, Frankland Juliet, van West Pieter

Language: Anglais
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Subject for Ecology of Saprotrophic Basidiomycetes

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The breadth and depth of understanding of many areas concerning basidiomycetes has increased dramatically since the premier publication of Frankland et al., Decomposer Basidiomycetes: their Biology and Ecology. New vistas have opened up with the advent of powerful computing, modeling and molecular approaches helping to greatly increase the general understanding of the ecology of basidiomycetes. This is tantamount to understanding the role of fungi in natural ecosystems because they are major agents of decomposition and nutrient cycling. These remarkable advances have been incorporated into this volume that discusses all aspects of saprotrophic basidiomycete ecology.
The basidiomycete life-style
Basidiomycete interactions with each other and with other fungi and with other organisms
Structure and function of basidiomycete communities
Mycologists and microbiologists