Education of the gifted and talented (6th ed )


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This top-selling comprehensive book, written by leaders in the field, presents a thorough review of the entire field of gifted education with best-practices. After a brief overview of current issues in the field, the book discusses crucial topics in the field, including the characteristics of gifted students, strategies for identification, considerations in planning sound gifted and talented programs, contemporary program models, varieties of acceleration, differentiated curriculum models, problems of underachievement of disadvantaged, twice-exceptional, and female gifted students, and the evaluation of gifted programs. The authors also address affective needs, leadership, and counseling. A chapter on parenting gifted children includes a section on advocating for gifted education and communication with schools. The sixth edition has been thoroughly revised, most notably with the latest research on acceleration, curriculum models, underachievement, culturally and economically disadvantaged students, gender issues, and dual exceptionalities. The content is further supported and enhanced by the inclusion of numerous practical strategies that can be implemented in the classroom, case studies that help teachers identify student needs, summaries of research on effective programs, emphasis on pedagogy and on social-emotional needs, heightened awareness of less visible sub-groups within gifted populations, and an amusing, witty writing style that adds to the appeal of this best-selling book.

Brief Contents

Chapter 1 Gifted Education: Matching Instruction with Needs

Chapter 2 Characteristics of Gifted Students

Chapter 3 Identifying Gifted and Talented Students

Chapter 4 Program Planning

Chapter 5 Acceleration

Chapter 6 Grouping Differentiation, and Enrichment

Chapter 7 Curriculum Models

Chapter 8 Creativity I: The Creative Person, Creative Process, and Creative Dramatics

Chapter 9 Creativity II: Teaching for Creative Growth

Chapter 10 Teaching Thinking Skills

Chapter 11 Leadership, Affective Learning, and Character Education

Chapter 12 Underachievement: Identification and Reversal

Chapter 13 Cultural Diversity and Children from Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds: The Invisible Gifted

Chapter 14 The Cultural Underachievement of Females

Chapter 15 Gifted Children with Disabilities

Chapter 16 Parenting the Gifted Child

Chapter 17 Understanding and Counseling Gifted Students

Chapter 18 Program Evaluation


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