Educational psychology (11st ed )


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Cluster 1 Learning, Teaching, and Educational Psychology

Teachers' Casebook: What Would You Do?

Cluster Preview

Module 1. Learning and Teaching


Learning and Teaching Today

Dramatic Diversity: Students Today

High Expectations: No Child Left Behind

Do Teachers Make a Difference?

Teacher Student Relationships

The Cost of Poor Teaching

What Is Good Teaching?

Inside Four Classrooms

A Bilingual 1st Grade

A Suburban 5th Grade

An Inclusive Class

An Advanced Math Class

So What Is Good Teaching

Beginning Teachers


Module 2. Research and Theory in Educational Psychology


The Role of Educational Psychology

Linking Educational Psychology and Teaching

Educational Psychology Today

Is It Just Common Sense?

Taking Turns

Helping Students

Skipping Grades

Using Research to Understand and Improve Learning

Descriptive Studies

Correlation Studies

Experimental Studies

Single-Subject Experimental Designs

Microgenetic Studies

The Role of Time in Research

Teachers as Researchers

What Is Scientifically Based Research?

Theories for Teaching

Point/Counterpoint: What Kind of Research Should Guide Education?

Preview: Theories for Educational Psychology

Stages: Piaget, Freud, and Erikson

Jean Piaget

Sigmund Freud

Erik Erikson

Learning and Motivation Theories: Behaviorism, Information Processing, and Social Cognitive Theory