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This introduction to technical communication focuses on strategies that aim to make technical documents direct, clear, and readable for their intended audience. Over 60per cent of the material is new in this edition in response to the changes in computer technology and the writing process.
I Background 1 Introduction to the Technical Writing Process 2 Composing and Editing Strategies in the Technical Writing Process II Techniques 3 Editing for Style 4 Editing for Lapses in Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics 5 Using Graphics 6 Interviewing 7 Using the Library III Applications 8 Writing Descriptions and Definitions 9 Writing Instructions 10 Letters and Job-Related Correspondence 11 Abstracts and Summaries 12 Memos and Memo Reports 13 Writing Longer Reports 14 Writing Proposals 15 Preparing and Giving a Technical Talk Appendixes A Handbook B Keeping a Laboratory Notebook