Electric energy systems


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This clear, logical overview of electric energy systems puts the topic of electric power into the context of energy conversion to enable students to understand the profound changes that are occurring in electric power. Topic coverage includes various methods of energy conversion, components of electric energy systems, and their integrated operation.
1. Fundamentals of Electric Energy Systems.
2. Electric Energy Conversion.
3. Components of Electric Energy Systems.
4. Power Transformers.
5. Induction Machines.
6. Synchronous Machines.
7. Do Machines.
8. Small Electric Motors.
9. Electric Power Transmission.
10. Electric Power Systems.
11. Power Electronics.
Appendix A. Unit Conversion.
Appendix B. Balanced Three-Phase Systems.
Appendix C. Heat Content of Certain Fuels.
Appendix D. Data for Pure Copper Wire.
  • covers traditional electric machines, electric power systems, and diverse methods of energy conversion, with an emphasis on fundamentals and rigor.
  • discusses electromechanical energy conversion, and components of electric energy systems, such as rotating electric machines, transformers and transmission lines.
  • reviews electric power systems fault analysis, power flow, and stability studies.
  • includes a discussion of batteries, small permanent magnet motors, and DC power supply.
  • a wealth of homework problems offer instructor flexibility.
  • illustrative solved examples appear throughout the text.
  • extensive references appear at the end of each chapter to give students and instructors material for an in-depth study of pertinent topics.