Electricity and electronics (paper)


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224 p. · 23x20.3 cm · Paperback
Designed for introductory courses in electricity and electronics, this illustrated text provides thorough coverage of DC and AC fundamentals, including coverage of diodes, transistors and digital circuits.
Electrostatics The Nature of Electricity Numbers, Conversions, and Units of Measure Voltage, Current and Resistance Conductive and Resistive Properties of Materials Energy and Power Electrical Measurement Series Circuits Parallel Circuits Series-Parallel Circuits Resistive Networks Magnetism Magnetic Circuits and Devices Alternating Current Complex Waveform Analysis Inductance and Transformers R-L Circuits Capacitance R-C Circuits L-C-R Circuits Passive Filters Complex L-C-R Circuits Diodes and Common Diode Circuits BJT and FET Transistors Transistor Amplifiers Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits Career Opportunities and Industry Requirements