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This four-part overview of electronic commerce offers a more thorough and technical view of the subject than many recent books on the subject. The book provides a balance of theories, applications, and hands-on material. It is divided into four parts: Electronic Commerce Basics, Electronic Commerce Supporting Activities, Implementation and Management Issues in Electronic Commerce, and Appendix and Glossary.
The book's chapters begin with introductions of leading companies with significant e-commerce expertise and at least two small case studies. They include 10 or more hands-on exercises, encouraging readers to explore and analyze sites, and a list of key terms and bibliographic citations. They conclude with 25-30 review questions and 6-10 projects for further investigation.

*Offers a generalist's overview of the field and its major players for people with little or no technical background
*Every chapter starts with an industry profile and two information boxes, which serve as case studies and point to practical applications
*Projects and hands-on exercises conclude each chapter
Getting Started with Electronic Commerce
Electronic Commerce Fundamentals
Electronic Commerce In Action
Intranets and Extranets
Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Payment Systems
Marketing and Advertising on the Web
Technologies and Applications to Support Electronic Commerce
Infrastructure for Electronic Commerce
Personal, Social, Organizational, Legal, Tax, and International Issues
Security Issues and Measures: Protecting Electronic Commerce Resources
Building a Successful Electronic Commerce Site: A Life Cycle Approach
Appendix A: Basic Web Literacy and Instructions for Creating Web Pages
Professionals interested in learning the fundamentals of the Internet and e-commerce; students in post-graduate Internet business, information systems and business management development courses.
Hossein Bidgoli, Ph.D., is professor of Management Information Systems at California State University, Bakersfield. Dr. Bidgoli helped set up the first PC lab in the United States. He is the author of 40 textbooks, 26 manuals, and more than three dozen technical articles and papers on various aspects of computer applications and information systems that have been published and presented throughout the world.Dr. Bidgoli is a two-time winner of Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award for 1985-86 and 1988-89, School of Business and Public Administration, California State University, Bakersfield.