Electronics for technicians (paper)


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296 p. · Paperback
This text-lab manual is designed to provide a general understanding of electronics and to teach students how to get electronic equipment back online as quickly as possible. It discusses many of the most common problems encountered by technicians and combines basic theory with immediate hands-on practice.

Introductory chapters feature a review of basic DC resistor circuits and a general discussion of semiconductor physics. Remaining chapters cover power supplies and rectifier systems, other diode circuits, transistors, DC biasing, basic transistors, and amplifiers. The final chapter shows how components are represented by block diagrams and presents keys to successful troubleshooting.

Review of Basic Electricity Solid State Theory Basic Power Supplies Other Diode Circuits Basic Transistors DC Biasing Advanced Power Supplies Amplifier Fundamentals Configurations Class A Amplifiers Class B Amplifiers Class C Amplifiers Junction Field Effect Transistors