Phenomena, Materials and Applications


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This comprehensive text provides an understanding of the physical phenomenon behind electrooptics. It describes in detail modern electrooptic materials and operative physical mechanisms, and devotes a full chapter tothe new materials engineering that is contributing to the development of low-dimensional systems. The book also reviews device applications in both bulk and waveguide technologies.

Key Features
* Provides extensive coverage in a self-contained format, and consequently useful to beginners as well as specialists
* Includes the most current information
* Features many tables and illustrations to facilitate understanding
The Vast World of Electrooptics. Light Propagation in Anisotropic Media. Electrooptics: Concepts, Phenomena and Techniques. Electrooptics and Nonlinear Optics. Inorganic Electrooptic Materials. Organic Electrooptic Materials. Bulk Electrooptic Applications. Electrooptics and Integrated Optics. Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Superlattices. The Photorefractive Effect. Photorefractive Applications. Chapter References. Subject Index.
Upper-division and post-graduate students in electro-optics and nonlinear optics; researchers; physicists; and electronic engineers working in the field.