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Explanatory text that treats the complete fundamentals of energy and current energy resources, technologies, developments, solutions to energy issues, new concepts, etc. Ranging from fossil fuel to solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy ocean energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, fuel cells, thermo-electric systems, nuclear energy and nanotechnology concepts to generate clean energy. Every technique is explained in details and every chapter is concluded with a reference section, recommended reading and a number of questions. Intended for university students with various background disciplines, who are involved with energy science and engineering (chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, earth sciences, petroleum, mining and mechanical engineering, etc).
Chapter 1: Introduction -Energy fundamental Concepts, Sources and Utilization. Chapter 2: Solar Energy. Chapter 3: Biomass Energy. Chapter 4: Wind Energy. Chapter 5: Ocean Energy. Chapter 6: Geothermal Energy. Chapter 7: Hydrogen Energy. Chapter 8: Fuel Cells. Chapter 9: Thermo-Electric Systems. Chapter 10: Nuclear Energy. Chapter 11: Application of Nano- Technologies for Clean Energy.
Students in (chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, earth sciences, and in chemical, energy, environmental, petroleum, mining & mechanical engineering, etc). Professionals and a general, informed audience seeking an introduction to the field.