Engineering drawing & design, 5th ed.


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Engineering Drawing and Design offers the most comprehensive program available. The new exciting full-color text, supplemented with a broad spectrum of learning tools, brings real-world engineering drawing and design right into the classroom.
Basic Drawing and Design Engineering Graphics as a Language Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Drawing Media, Filing, Storing, and Reproduction Basic Drafting Skills Applied Geometry Theory of Shape Description Auxiliary Views and Revolutions Basic Dimensioning Sections Fasteners, Materials, and Forming Processes Threaded Fasteners Miscellaneous Types of Fasteners Manufacturing Materials Forming Processes Working Drawing and Design Detail and Assembly Drawings Pictorial Drawings Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Drawing for Numerical Control Welding Drawings Design Concepts Power Transmissions Belts, Chains, and Gears Couplings, Bearing, and Seals Cams, Linkage, and Actuators Special Fields of Drafting Developments and Intersections Pipe Drawings Structural Drafting Jigs and Fixtures Electrical and Electronics Drawings