Environmental Monitoring and Characterization


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Environmental Monitoring and Characterization is an integrated, hands-on resource for monitoring all aspects of the environment. Sample collection methods and relevant physical, chemical and biological processes necessary to characterize the environment are brought together in twenty chapters which cover: sample collection methods, monitoring terrestrial, aquatic and air environments, and relevant chemical, physical and biological processes and contaminants.

This book will serve as an authoritative reference for advanced students and environmental professionals.

* Examines the integration of physical, chemical, and biological processes
* Emphasizes field methods and real-time data acquisition, made more accessible with case studies, problems, calculations, and questions
* Includes four color illustrations throughout the text
* Brings together the concepts of environmental monitoring and site characterization
1 Monitoring and Characterization of the Environment
2 Sampling and Data Quality Objectives in Environmental Monitoring
3 Statistics and Geostatistics in Environmental Monitoring
4 Automated Data Acquisition and Processing
5 Maps in Environmental Monitoring
6 Geographic Information Systems and Their Use for Environmental Monitoring
7 Soil and Vadose Zone Sampling
8 Groundwater Sampling
9 Monitoring Surface Waters
10 Monitoring Near-Surface Air Quality
11 Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring
12 Environmental Physical Properties and Processes
13 Chemical Properties and Processes
14 Environmental Microbial Properties and Processes
15 Physical Contaminants
16 Chemical Contaminants
17 Microbial Contaminants
18 Soil and Groundwater Remediation
19 Ecological Restoration
20 Risk Assessment and Environmental Regulations