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220 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Paperback
The PH Essence of Engineering Series provides a concise, practical and uniform introduction to the core components of an undergraduate engineering degree. Acknowledging recent changes within higher education, this approach uses a variety of pedagogical tools - case-studies, worked examples and self-test questions - to underpin the student's learning.

The Essence of Digital Design has been developed as a concise but complete introduction to digital logic design for undergraduate students of Engineering and Computer Science. After an introduction to the application domains of digital systems, the text describes basic gates, the Boolean algebra underpinning, combinational circuit design, flip-flops, sequential circuit design, and programmable logic devices. The final chapter introduces logic circuit fault testing to detect faults that might have subsequently occurred during manufacture. Proper consideration should be given to manufacturing a working system as well as obtaining a logically correct design - this is something that is often omitted from other texts, but is examined in full in The Essence of Digital Design with design examples given throughout the text.

1. Digital Systems and the Representation of Information.
2. Logic Gates.
3. Designing Combinational Circuits.
4. Flip-Flops and Counters.
5. Sequential Circuit Design.
6. Designing with Programmable Logic Devices.
7. Testing Logic Circuits. Answers.
  • Concise and clear coverage of the fundamental aspects of digital logic design.
  • State diagrams including those with transition expressions.
  • Programmable logic devices.
  • Provides an introduction to fault testing with significant treatment of the path sensitization method.
  • Packed with pedagogical aids, including key details and self-assessment questions with full answers provided.