Essence of total quality management, 2nd ed 1997 (paper)


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280 p. · Paperback
A concise overview of the TQM topic including its history. This text places quality as a major management concern, describing how to develop a positive Total Quality Management company culture. The text sets out the main concepts of total quality management and traditional quality control and analyses the costs of quality (eg presentation, appraisal, international failure, external failure and lost opportunities).
1. Focus on the Customer.
2. Care Concepts of TQM.
3. Learning from the Quality Gurus.
4. Cutting the cost of Quality.
5. Case Studies of TQM.
6. Tools and Techniques of TQM.
7. Avoiding the Hype.
  • The book puts the issue of quality squarely in the management court and highlights the importance of developing policies,structures and systems to make quality the fundamental business principle.
  • The central idea and message of the book addresses the issue of the cost of quality.
  • The messages of the major writers in TQM are presented and case studies illustrate the applications of principles.