Essentials of Clinical Mycology (2nd Ed., 2nd ed. 2011)

Coordinators: Kauffman Carol A., Pappas Peter G., Sobel Jack D., Dismukes William E.

Language: Anglais

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Clinical Mycology offers a comprehensive review of this discipline. Organized by types of fungi, this volume covers microbiologic, epidemiologic and demographic aspects of fungal infections as well as diagnostic, clinical, therapeutic, and preventive approaches. Special patient populations are also detailed.

PART I INTRODUCTION.- Laboratory Aspects of Medical Mycology.- Epidemiology of Systemic Fungal Diseases: Overview.- PART II SYSTEMIC ANTIFUNGAL DRUGS.- Amphotericin B.- Liposomal Nystatin.- Flucytosine.- Azole Antifungal Drugs.- Cell Wall Synthesis Inhibitors: Echinocandins and Nikkomycins.- Terbinafine.- Resistance to Antifungal Drugs.- Adjunctive Antifungal Therapy.- PART III MYCOSES CAUSED BY YEASTS.- Candidiasis.- Cryptococcosis.- Rhodotorula, Malassezia, Trichosporon, and Other Yeast-Like Fungi.- PART IV MYCOSES CAUSED BY MOULDS.- Aspergillosis.- Zygomycoses.- Hyalohyphomycoses (other than Aspergillosis and Penicilliosis).- Phaeohyphomycoses.- PART V MYCOSES CAUSED BY DIMORPHIC FUNGI.- Histoplasmosis.- Blastomycosis.- Coccidioidomycosis.- Paracoccidioidomycosis.- Sporotrichosis.- Penicilliosis.- PART VI MYCOLOGY INVOLVING SKIN AND SUBCUTANEOUS TISSUES.- Superficial Cutaneous Fungal Infections.- Eumycetoma.- Chromoblastomycosis.- PART VII OTHER MYCOSES.- Pneumocystosis.- Miscellaneous Fungi.- PART VIII SPECIAL PATIENT POPULATIONS.- Fungal Infections in Neutropenic Patients.- Fungal Infections in Blood and Marrow Transplant Recipients.- Fungal Infections in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients.- Fungal Infections among Patients with AIDS.

Organized by types of fungi Covers microbiologic, epidemiologic and demographic aspects of fungal infections Special patient populations are detailed