Essentials of Internet, 2nd ed 1997


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Appopriate for any course introducing students to the Internet, may be taught out of any departments on campus.
1. Exploring the Internet:
2. Welcome to Cyberspace: Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web
3. Search Engines: Finding Information on the Web
4. Creating a Home Page: Introduction to HTML
5. Using E-mail: Global Communication on the Internet
6. The Internet and Society: Issues in Cyberspace
Additional Internet Services: FTP and Usenet
Beyond the Web: Telnet, Gopher, Lynx, FTP, and IRC
Appendix A: How the Internet Works
Appendix B: Hot Web Sites
Appendix C: Glossary
  • Provides hands-on experiences in addition to the rational behind what is being done.
  • Also available in the comprehensive (290 pp.) Exploring edition (0-13-271693-3). Both versions of the texts are offered as part of PHs custom binding program, the Right PHit.
  • This four color, spiral bound text was written by our popular author team- Grauer and Marx.
  • Covers the World Wide Web, Netscape, E-mail, URLs, HTML, special appendix Hot sites on the Internet.
  • Supplements include: Instructors Manual with Tests and PH Custom Test (windows- based testing program).