Essentials of system analysis and design (4th ed )


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464 p. · 21.6x27.6 cm · Paperback
Part 1 Foundations for Systems Development
Chapter 1 The Systems Development Environment
Chapter 2 The Sources of Software
Chapter 3 Managing the Information Systems Project

Part 2 Systems Planning and Selection
Chapter 4 Systems Planning and Selection

Part 3 Systems Analysis
Chapter 5 Determining System Requirements
Chapter 6 Structuring System Requirements: Process Modeling
Chapter 7 Structuring System Requirements: Conceptual Data Modeling

Part 4 Systems Design
Chapter 8 Designing the Human Interface
Chapter 9 Designing Databases

Part 5 Systems Implementation and Operation
Chapter 10 Systems Implementation and Operation

Appendix A Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Appendix B Agile Methodologies

Glossary of Acronyms
Glossary of Terms