Ethnic families in america, patterns and variations (4th ed )


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I. SETTING THE STAGE. 1. Diversity Among America's Ethnic Minorities. 2. A "Then and Now" Overview of the Immigrant Family in America. II. EUROPEAN ETHNIC MINORITIES. 3. The Irish-American Family, Ellen Somers Horgan. 4. The Greek-American Family: A Generational Approach, George Kourvetaris. 5. The Italian-American Family, D. Ann Squiers and Jill S. Quadagno. 6. The Polish-American Family, Helena Znaniecka Lopata. III. HISPANIC ETHNIC MINORITIES. 7. The Mexican-American Family, Rosina Becerra. 8. The Cuban-American Family, Zulima Suárez. 9. The Puerto Rican Family, Melba Sánchez-Ayéndez. IV. ASIAN ETHNIC MINORITIES. 10. The Korean-American Family, Pyong Gap Min. 11. The Vietnamese-American Family, Thanh Van Tran. 12. The Chinese-American Family, Morrison G. Wong. 13. The Japanese-American Family, Kerrily J. Kitano and Harry H.L. Kitano. 14. The Asian Indian-American Family, Uma A. Segal. V. HISTORICALLY SUBJUGATED ETHNIC MINORITIES. 15. African-American Families, Harriet Pipes McAdoo. 16. Native American Families, Robert John. VI. SOCIORELIGIOUS ETHNIC MINORITIES. 17. The Jewish-American Family, Bernard Farber, Bernard Lazerwitz, and Charles H. Mindel. 18. The Amish Family, Gertrude Enders Huntington. 19. The Mormon Family, Bruce L. Campbell and Eugene E. Campbell. Index.