Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life, 2014
Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences Series, Vol. 7

Coordinators: Dilek Yildirim, Furnes Harald

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Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life
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Evolution of Archean Crust and Early Life
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418 p. · 17.8x25.4 cm · Hardback

This book presents an integrated approach to the study of the evolution of the Archean lithosphere, biosphere and atmosphere, and as such it is a unique contribution to our understanding of the early Earth and life. The structural and geochemical make-up of both the oceanic and continental crust of the Archean Earth is documented in some case studies of various cratons, and the implications of the Phanerozoic plate and plume tectonic processes for the Archean geology are discussed in several chapters in the book. All chapters are process-oriented and data-rich, and reflect the most recent knowledge and information on the Archean Earth. The interdisciplinary approach of examining the evolution of the Archean crust, oceans, and life that we adopt in this book sets it apart from previous publications on Precambrian geology.

The book will be attractive to researchers in academia and in industry, and to senior undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty in earth and natural sciences.

Preface; Y. Dilek and H. Furnes

Precambrian Greenstone Belts Host Different Ophiolite Types; H. Furnes; M. de Wit & Y. Dilek

The Plume to Plate Transition: Hadean and Archean Crustal Evolution in the Northern Wyoming Province, U.S.A.; P. A. Mueller et al

The Archaean Karelia and Belomorian Provinces, Fennoscandian Shield; P. Hölttä et al

Archaean elements of the basement outliers west of the Scandinavian Caledonides in Northern Norway: architecture, evolution and possible correlation with Fennoscandia; S.G. Bergh et al

A review of the geodynamic significance of hornblende-bearing ultramafic rocks in the Mesoarchean Fiskenæsset Complex, SW Greenland; Ali Polat

The Precambrian Geology of the North China Craton: A review and update of the key issues; S. A. Wilde

How to Make a Continent:  Thirty-five Years of TTG Research Kent; C. Condie

Recycling of lead at Neoarchean continental margins; J. Halla

Crustal evolution and deformation in a non-plate-tectonic Archaean Earth: Comparisons with Venus; L.Harris & Jean H Bédard

Accreted turbidite fans and remnant ocean basins in Phanerozoic orogens: A template for a significant Precambrian crustal growth and recycling process; D. A. Foster et al

Biogenicity of Earth's Earliest Fossils; J. William Schopf et al

In situ morphologic, elemental and isotopic analysis of Archean life; D. Wacey

Archaean soils, lakes and springs: looking for signs of life; A. T. Brasier

Rare earth elements in stromatolites – Evidence that modern terrestrial stromatolites fractionate rare earth elements during incorporation from ambient waters; K. H. Johannesson et al

Earth-systems approach (lithosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere-atmosphere) in a truly interdisciplinary fashion to studying the evolution of crust and life in the early Earth

Process-oriented and data-rich chapters, reflecting the most recent knowledge and information on the Archean Earth

Attractive to researchers, faculty and students both in the academia and industry (particularly those in the mining, ore deposit and mineralization resource assessment)

Most recent and state-of-the art collection of data and information on the structure and architecture of Archean crust, its distribution around the world, and the current theories and working hypotheses on the evolution of Archean crust and the Earth

Strong interest of diverse scientific communities and even of the public in the book topic, regarding the ruling theories and controversies about the evolution of the early Earth and life in deep time