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Through real-life stories about children, their families, and their teachers, and through the use of the most recent evidence-based research on special education, this important book provides students with a comprehensive introduction to special education and its relationship to general education. The sixth edition provides this experience within the framework of three guiding themes: Inclusion, Partnerships, and Universal Design for Learning.

Long noted for its focus on progress in general education through inclusion, families, and parent-professional partnerships, the new sixth edition of Exceptional Lives: Special Education in Today's Schools, now includes a 'Values and Outcomes' end-of-chapter feature that focuses on ideal educational results as well as IEP marginal notes that allow readers to link content to practical lessons.

New to this Edition!

  • NEW! 'Values and Outcomes'sections appear at the end of each chapter to discuss the ideal educational outcomes for each student presented in the opening vignette - outcomes that can occur if teachers put highly effective, research-based strategies into practice and uphold the values addressed throughout the book.
  • NEW! IEP Margin Notes are integrated throughout each chapter to help inform teachers of their role in the IEP process in relation to chapter content video clips on MyEducationLab reinforce this IEP focus. Both IEP features help link content with a practical focus.
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  • Chapter 3 is completely revised in the sixth edition. See the table of contents for changes.
  • More in-depth coverage in chapter 2 on the IEP process.
  • More in-depth coverage of Response-to-Intervention (RTI) in chapter 5.
  • Contents

    Chapter 1 Overview of Today's Special Education 2

    Who Is Thomas Ellenson? 2

    Profile of Special Education Students and Personnel in Today's Schools 4

    Who Are the Students? 5

    Who Are Special Education Personnel? 7

    Overview of the Law and Special Education 8

    Two Types of Discrimination 8

    Judicial Decisions and Legislation 9

    Special Education and Students' Eligibility 10

    Components of Special Education 10

    IDEA: Six Principles 11

    Zero Reject 12

    Nondiscriminatory Evaluation 13

    Appropriate Education 15

    Least Restrictive Environment 17

    Procedural Due Process 18

    Parent and Student Participation 19

    Bringing the Six Principles Together 19

    Federal Funding of IDEA 19

    NCLB and Other Federal Laws 21

    No Child Left Behind Act 21

    Rehabilitation Act 21

    Tech Act 23

    Special Education Results 24

    Values and Outcomes 27

    What Do You Think? 28

    Addressing the Standards: The Values Connection 28

    Summary 30

    Chapter 2 Ensuring Progress in the General Education Curriculum Through Universal Design for Learning and Inclusion 32

    Who Is Dani Gonzalez? 32

    What Is 'Progress in the General Education Curriculum'? 34

    How Does the General Education Curriculum Benefit Students with...