Exploring getting started with windows 7 (1st ed )


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For introductory computer courses on Microsoft Office 2007 or courses in Computer Concepts which includes coverage of Windows 7.

The goal of the Exploring series has been to move students beyond the point and click, helping them understand the why and how behind each skill.

** This is a one-chapter supplement that will be available through Pearson's Custom PHIT Library **

Windows 7 Fundamentals

Understanding the Desktop

Identify Desktop Components

Explore the Taskbar

Customize the Desktop

Managing Windows

Identify Window Components

Work with Windows

Hands-On Exercise 1| Windows 7 Fundamentals

Windows Programs and Security Features

Identifying Windows Accessories

Use Notepad and WordPad

Use Paint

Use the Calculator

Use Snipping Tool

Working with Security Settings and Software

Understand the Action Center

Use Windows Defender

Customize User Account Control

Access Windows Update

Use Windows Firewall

Hands-On Exercise 2 | Windows Programs and Security Features

Windows Search and Help

Performing a Search

Conduct a Search

Expand or Narrow a Search

Save a Search

Getting Help

Search and Browse Help

Get Remote Assistance

Get Online Help

Hands-On Exercise 3 |Windows Search and Help