Exploring wonderland (1st ed )


Language: Anglais
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608 p. · 19.1x23.5 cm · Paperback



Chapter 1 Getting Started with Alice

            1-1 Introduction to Alice

            1-2 Alice concepts


Chapter 2  Program Design and Implementation in Alice

            2-1 Scenarios and storyboard design

            2-2 Translating a storyboard to program code


Chapter 3 Object Oriented Concepts in Alice

            3-1 Classes, objects, and methods

            3-2 Creating object methods and inheritance

            3-3 Using parameters for passing information to a method


Chapter 4 Working with Objects in Java

            4-1 Introduction to DrJava

            4-2 Working with turtles

            4-3 Creating methods in Java

            4-4 Passing parameters to methods

            4-5 Concepts summary


Chapter 5 Drawing in Java

            5-1 Working with Media

            5-2 Drawing using the Graphics class

            5-3 Using Graphics2D for advanced drawing

5-4 Using Media Computation with Alice Pictures

5-5 Concepts Summary


Chapter 6 Functions and Conditionals in Alice

            6-1 Functions and abstraction

            6-2 Conditional execution with If/Else and Boolean functions


Chapter 7 Repetition:  Loops in Alice

            7-1 For loops and nested for loops

            7-2 While a conditional loop

            7-3 Lists and looping

            7-4 List search


Chapter 8  Modifying all samples in a sound in Java

            8-1 How sound is encoded as a 1D array

            8-2 Manipulating sounds

            8-3 Changing the volume of sounds with loops

8-4 Conditionally modifying sounds

            8-5 Using Media Computation with Alice

            8-6 Concepts summary


Chapter 9 Modifying samples using ranges

            9-1 Manipulating different sections of a sound differently

            9-2 Creating a sound clip 

            9-3 Splicing sounds

            9-4 Reversing a sound

            9-5 Mirroring a sound