Field effect devices and applications: device for low power, portable and imaging systems


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Presents a unified introduction to the dominant class of semiconductor devices. Since the topics are based on system applications, the book contains a significant amount of information on particular applications. The topics chosen are intended to demonstrate not only how these devices work, but why the devices are of interest.
1. Preliminaries and Notation.
2. Field Effect Devices: Overview and Classification.
3. The MOS Capacitor.
4. Charge-coupled Devices.
5. The MOSFET.
6. MOS Memory.
7. Thin Film Transistors.
8. Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MESFETs).
  • Focuses on field effect devices and their applications, because they meet future demands for low power consumption and high device density.
  • Unique coverage of thin film transistors and their use in active matrix displays (Chapter 2).
  • Includes coverage of MESFETs in Chapter 8 due to their increasing use in RF (cellular) communications.
  • Emphasis on the application of charge-coupled devices in imagers and relates imager design to the demands of HDTV and the internet.
  • MathCAD integrated throughout the text to explore more complex models and solve problems.