Financial markets and institutions with s&p card and ethics in finance powerweb (3rd ed )


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Financial Markets and Institutions, offers a unique analysis of the risks faced by investors and savers interacting through financial institutions and financial markets, as well as strategies that can be adopted for controlling and managing risks. The third edition further strengthens the book's risk management approach with expanded discussions of ethics, new technology integration, and much more!
Part 1: Introduction and Overview of Financial Markets
1. Introduction
2. Determinants of Interest Rates
3. Interest Rates and Security Valuation
4. The Federal Reserve System, Monetary Policy, and Interest Rates

Part 2: Securities Markets
5. Money Markets
6. Bond Markets
7. Mortgage Markets
8. Foreign Exchange Markets
9. Stock Markets
10. Derivative Securities Markets

Part 3: Commercial Banks
11. Commercial Banks
12. Commercial Banks¿ Financial Statements and Analysis
13. Regulation of Commercial Banks

Part 4: Other Financial Institutions
14. Other Lending Institutions: Savings Institutions, Credit Unions, and Finance Companies
15. Insurance Companies
16. Securities Firms and Investment Banks
17. Mutual Funds
18. Pension Funds

Part 5: Risk Management in Financial Institutions
19. Types of Risks Incurred by Financial Institutions
20. Managing Credit Risk on the Balance Sheet
21. Managing Liquidity Risk
22. Managing Interest Rate and Insolvency Risk
23. Managing Risk with Derivative Securities
24. Managing Risk with Loan Sales and Asset Securitization