Fine wines and fish oil the life of hugh macdonald sinclair


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Hugh MacDonald Sinclair (1910-1990) is most famous for his belief that diets deficient in essential fatty acids are the cause of most degenerative illnesses, including heart disease. His remarkable and colourful life is the subject of this biography, which reveals his influence on the developing science of human nutrition.
Prologue, 1: The boy who bowed to the King, 2: Manners maketh the man, 3: Robert McCarrison and other influences, 4: Lady Place: progress, and a blunder, 5: War, 6: Hugh Smith and the Oxford Nutrition Survey, 7: The foundations of social medicine, 8: The Institute of Social Medicine, 9: Eskimos and nutrition at Oxford, 10: An end to the survey, 11: Brigadier Sinclair on the Continent, 12: Germany, 13: Finance and accommodation, 14: Nissen huts and honours received, 15: Reports on the Western Netherlands and dietary fat, 16: Biochemistry, Hans Krebs, and essential fatty acids, 17: Exchanges in the Lancet, 18: Plans for Nuneham Park, 19: Grand dreams and little money, 20: Life without mother, 21: Plans for an Institute of Human Nutrition, 22: Game to the last, Epilogue: Legacy of a phoenix, Chapter notes and sources, Reference books, Appendices, A. Selected publications of Hugh Macdonald Sinclair, B. General plan of research: diseases of the nervous system, C. Nutritional surveys of population groups, D. Deficiency of essential fatty acids and artherosclerosis, etc., E. 'Prologue': a soliloquy by H.M. Sinclair, Index
  • The intimate life-story of an eccentric and defiant scientist who believed in the power of food. The truth of his theories resonates for us today
  • Provides new insight into food scarcity in Europe during the Second World War, including post-war conditions in the Western Netherlands and Germany
  • An account of how the science of nutrition developed, and was eclipsed, during the twentieth century