Free-surface hydraulics. (paper).


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Introduction and acknowledgemets. The free surface at rest. Hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic force calculation. Stability of floating objects. References. Symbols. Steady flows in channels. Flow energy and force in rectangular channels. Flow through other shapes of cross-section. Conduit resistance and steady free-surface flow. Gradually varied flow. References. Symbols. Unsteady but largely kinematic flows. Exact solution for kinematic routing. Numerical method for level-pool routing. Kinematic channel routing. References. Symbols. Shallow-water transients. equations of motion - the method of characteristics. Characteristics applied at a sluice gate. Non-rectangular sections. Numerical integration. Attentuation caused by interpolation. Examples of numerical attenuation. Other boundary conditions. Discharge variation from uniform flow. Direct finite differences. Supercritical flow. The bore condition. Bore inception. BOre in a non-rectangual section. Bore generated by boundary displacement. Dam-break flow. Roll waves. References. Symbols. Oscillatory water waves. Standing and progressive waves. The linearized wave equation. Seiche action in a narbour. Flow curvature. Airy's theory summarized. Results and limitations of Airy's theory. Refraction, reflection and diffraction. Breaking and waves of finite height. Wave-height prediction fromwind. Harmonic and dynamic theories of ocean tides. Simulation of shallow-water waves in x-y-t space. References. The partially free surface. Introduction and jet flows. Bubble and droplet mechanics. Air entrainment by free-surface flow. Long-cavity flows. Circulation, vorticity and air-entraining vortex. References. Symbols. Index.