From jubilee to hip hop


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1) "Adrift on Stormy Seas: The Jubilee Singers and Their Songs' by J.B.T. Marsh

2) "Richards and Pringle's Original Georgia Minstrels and Billy Kersands, 1889-1895" by Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff

3) "The Virginia Jubilee Singers in Bourke, Australia" (Anonymous)

4) "Conclusion", African Banjo Echoes in Appalachia: A Story of Folk Traditions by Cecelia Conway

5) "War on Ragtime" & "Suppression of 'Ragtime'" (Anonymous)

6) "Of The Sorrow Songs," from the Souls of Black Folks by W.E.B. Du Bois

7) "The Nineteenth Century Origins of Jazz" by Lawrence Gushee

8) "Marshall Lullaby" by Kip Lornell and Charles Wolfe

9) "The Scene and the Players in New York" by Tom Riis

10) "Jelly Roll Blues" by Jelly Roll Morton

11) "William Marion Cook" by Cary B. Lewis

12) "Ma Rainey and the Minstrels" by Charles Edward Smith

13) "Black Sacred Harp Singing in Southeast Alabama" by Hank Willett

14) "A Negro Explains Jazz'" (Anonymous)

15) "Paul Robeson, Musician" by Doris McGinty and Wayne Shirley

16) "Conflict and Resolution in the Life of Thomas Andrew Dorsey" by Michael Harris

17) "Fats Waller (Comedy Tonight)" by Gary Giddins

18) "'Dean of Afro-American Composers' or Harlem Renaissance Man': The New Negro and the Musical Poetics of William Grant Still' by Gayle Murchison

19) "Easter Sunday" by Marian Anderson

20) "Caldonia" by John Chilton

21) "Elder Beck's Temple" by William Russell

22) "T-Bone Blues: T-Bone Walker's Story in His Own Words" by T-Bone Walker

23) "The Impact of Gospel Music on the Secular Music Industry" by Portia K. Maultsby

24) "Singing in the Streets of Raleigh, 1963: Some Recollections" by Clyde Appleton

25) "Motown Calls 'The Rock & Roll Kid'" by Dennis Coffey

26) "Respect: 1964-1965" by Rob Bowman

27) "Clifton Chenier: They Call Me The King'" by Ben Sandmel

28) The Art of The Muscle: Miles Davis as American Knight and American Knave" by Gerald Early

29) "Evaluating Ellington" by Mark Tucker

30) "The P-Funk Empire" by Rickey Vincent

31) "Hip-Hop, Puerto Ricans and Ethno-racial Identities in New York" by Raquel Rivera

32) "Daughters of the Blues" by Cheryl Keys

33) "Media Interventions" by Maureen Mahon

34) "Black Artistic Invisibility: A Black Composer Talking 'bout Taking Care of the Souls Of Black Folks While Losing Much Ground Fast" by William Banfield

35) "Stepping Out an African Heritage" by Elizabeth Fine

36) "Rhythm and Bullshit?: The Slow Decline of R & B" by Mark Anthony Neal